Orbit Meta


Orbit Meta is a visual technology game project that integrates NFT and Blockchain.

An experience that allows players to participate in learning about NFT and play to earn, the game's story recreates ruined civilizations such as Egypt, Greece, Indus, Viking, Anasazi, Asgard, and Atlantis. And at the same time, it also creates a connecting space between parallel worlds, from ancient to modern. The magic of the Orbit Meta Project is that you can experience and live in those ancient civilizations. By creating materials and spiritual values in each type of game, the Orbit Meta Project is a series of events belonging to the crypto community, exploring new features of DeFi and GameFi, working together to bring you closer to the meta world, the trend of the times. Our mission is to be different, preserve culture, and change the future. In addition to building an empire that transcends space and time, Orbit Metaverse is a digital universe where everyone can own virtual land and freely develop their world. Fertile ground for recognized creators to own and sell their products permanently and exclusively in the form of NFT. Where you can bridge the gap between the past and the present, restore virtual ancient civilizations, and permanently own modern ones.

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