Game Story

History is always viewed as a never-ending story. The folks who created it are constantly working to refine it, going back to the original pages to connect with and investigate reality. That tale is only known, though, from the pages of books. Vincent, an archaeologist, began to wonder endlessly: "Can we only stand still and observe the time passing? Are we able to reach out and touch it? Is it possible to travel back in time and alter the course of events? Why are there so many misconceptions about different civilizations? Do any mysteries remain unanswered?" Until the day he reached the Louvre Museum, the Museum of civilizations, Vincent was inspired to reveal the secrets of civilizations for which people had not yet discovered any explanation. He went home right away and started making his own plan. During packing, Vincent found a necklace with a clipped stone, an antique compass, and a piece of paper in a dusty, abandoned chest in the warehouse. Holding the old, slightly crumpled piece of paper, he immediately realized it was a map dating back thousands of years ago. As he was considering dozens of thoughts about the intriguing map, the stone suddenly released a powerful surge of energy, bending space and time and unintentionally bringing Vincent back to the era of ancient civilizations. The story of Vincent's journey actually starts there...