While looking for information regarding the next magic piece, Vincent bumped into Marp being pursued at the old market. Marp is a kind-hearted and wise kid. Seeing his mother die from a lack of money for disease treatment, Marp had always had a strong sense of justice and compassion for the poor. He decided to accompany Vincent to the Pharaoh's Land, where the tombs, which were reputed to contain numerous priceless riches, might help him unravel the mysteries of humanity.

Part 1: Pharaoh's Land

Surrounding the Pharaoh's Land is a vast and perilous desert, a home to bizarre monsters and full of sandstorms. Many Egyptians compare this desert to a protective diaphragm guaranteeing the Pharaohs' thousand-year sleep. Numerous people had attempted to enter these tombs for the treasures; however, they had all perished in this dreadful desert. But, Vincent and his still maintained their strong determination to go through all the obstacles and access the tomb.

Part 2: The Sphinx

Defeating beasts and sandstorms was not everything because the Sphinx and the quicksands were much tougher obstacles they had to overcome. By using their knowledge, experience, and wisdom to divert the Sphinx, Vincent and Marp were able to infiltrate the Pyramids of Giza.

Part 3: Traps

Giza Pyramid is frequently described as a labyrinth with various intricate booby traps. Despite successfully crossing the desert and the Sphinx, surviving and escaping from Giza is uneasy. Unable to stop, Vincent and Marp continued exploring Giza, wanting to unravel the hidden secrets. After running from a series of deadly booby traps, they found a puzzle that might hold helpful hints about the fifth magic piece on the hieroglyphic wall at the end of the tunnel. Together, they solved the puzzle, transforming the wall into a door that led to the spacious chamber behind it.

Part 4: Judge of the Soul

The torches filled the area with light, illuminating the enigmatic Pharaoh coffins arranged around the big stone in the center of the room. Anubis, the Egyptian god of death (also known as the Protector of Mummies), was the watchman over these ancient coffins. Vincent cautiously looked around before stepping up to the stone. Suddenly, a loud noise appeared and the ground violently shook. The eyes of the Anubis statue lit up; the god stepped out of the statue after the external stone cracked. "Because you dared to insult Pharaohs' sleep, your soul will be imprisoned here forever." — Anubis yelled as he charged at Vincent and Marp. Thanks to the God of Bull's gift, they won the fight and vanquished Anubis. Before the god passed away, he used his tremendous power to revive the mummies and call on spirits from the underworld.

Part 5: The Last Piece

Vincent and Marp had to combat a deadly army that Anubis had awakened to access the last room, where the next piece was held. Marp was hypnotized by the spiritual troop and eventually lost his capacity to fight. He requested Vincent to leave him behind and finish the voyage so that he wouldn't become a burden on his teammate. Vincent attempted to dispel the mummies' and evil spirits' spells because he couldn't let Marp be detained here indefinitely. After realizing the immense power of Anubis's scepter, Vincent flung it to the ground and destroyed it with his magic stone. The stone's power interacted with the scepter's power, producing a powerful energy blast that knocked Vincent to the ground and made their foes dust. Vincent successfully saved Marp and entered the deepest room together.

Part 6: Pharaoh's Secret

All Pharaoh's secrets could be revealed in the pyramid's deepest room. Previously unknown hieroglyphic human symbols encircled a stone table in the center of the room. Having five magic pieces, Vincent and Marp collaborated to interpret the enigmatic symbols, activate energy, and forge the wisdom key. As soon as Vincent placed the key on the tabletop, a quick light flashed, and the next gate appeared. Vincent sent his Egyptian comrade farewell, passed through the gate, and carried on with his high goals.


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