Following the guidance of the Maya Queen, Vincent reached the Chaco ravine, an extraordinarily wild and deadly place.

Part 1: First challenge

While exploring the ravine, Vincent came across a group of Amerinds. Reckoning that he had broken the sacred site, they took Vincent back to the village to be a sacrifice to the Serpent God. Thanks to his ingenuity and good fortune, Vincent successfully escaped and continued his voyage.

Part 2: Escape or Fight?

Despite managing to avoid the Amerinds' pursuit, Vincent became lost in the Sanubi forest, the home to the Serpent God, an ancient god who guarded and preserved this region's serenity. While trying to survive to flee the jungle, Vincent had to cope with the Serpent God and was wounded due to the toughness of an ordinary person fighting such a mighty god. Vincent was fortunate to be saved at this point by Moeah, a young man living in Sala's nearby village. Moaeh was a person who loved traveling, exploring, and living freely in the wildlife. After talking to and treating Vincent, Moeah decided to take him out of the forest to meet the village's mage. Vincent unintentionally knew from the mage that the final stone stele contained a magic piece. The only way to melt the stele was using the Serpent God's venom. According to legend, only those with bravery and a pure heart were worthy of taking this god's venom. That very night, Vincent and Moeah teamed up with some of their villagers to fight with the Serpent God. The victory was once more on Vincent's side. After he melted the stone stele with the precious venom, the magic piece appeared. The power energy from his stone made the piece open a time gate, taking Vincent to the next era. Moeah gave Vincent a tiger teeth necklace as a farewell present.


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