Following the map, traveling in the rising direction of the Sun, Vincent reached his first destination—the Maya land (or the Kingdom of the Sun). In front of Vincent's eyes was a vast yet dry and cracked region. From the locals, he discovered the kingdom had been in a prolonged drought, and the queen was in a coma. King Maya Human, the queen's fiancé, was having trouble finding a way to save his wife. Not only was he a warm-hearted ruler, but King Maya Human also had the power of stone. Nothing can hurt him because of his robust and sturdy body. In addition, he played a role of a bridge between the ordinary and the extraordinary.

Part 1: Vincent's Drought

Vincent collaborated with the Maya Human King and the Maya populace to find a water source while they waited for the rain. After a lengthy search, they eventually found a sizable reservoir at the summit of Sabo hill, where they jointly constructed a canal to replenish the area with water.

Part 2: Sacrifice to the God of Water

The Maya people had a long-standing tradition of sacrificing to ask the gods for peace. Listening to the Witch Simla, the kingdom chose to offer the virgin as a sacrifice to the God of Water. Miana, a hidden goddess, was selected as the virgin sacrifice. No one in the kingdom knew that she was the god of birds, a symbol of the strength of the feather group. After accidentally realizing the witch's dark secret, Miana revealed the truth to all Maya people to protect them. However, nobody took her claims seriously and even misunderstood her to possess demonic abilities that enraged the Water God. While the sacrificing ceremony was being conducted, Miana was luckily saved and sent away by Vincent and King Maya Human.

Part 3: The realm of darkness

Vincent and the Maya Human king learned that the witch Simla—the same person he had trusted for so long—was responsible for a slew of natural disasters and the Maya queen's coma while the three were being pursued. The witch Simla was performing a solar eclipse ceremony while plotting to seize control of the entire Sun Kingdom when the king traveled to the Dark Temple, where she lived. Vincent, King Maya Human, and Miana were unluckily identified by the witch as they entered the shrine. To thwart them, she employed evil magic to command a variety of leopards, snakes, centipedes, and cursed stone sculptures.

Part 4: Eclipse

To fully absorb the power and entirely conquer the Maya empire, Simla must perform the ritual precisely when the Sun was at its zenith. Vincent and his two partners battled Simla with all their might, stopping the Eclipse ceremony and her evil plan. Eventually, the wicked witch had to suffer the consequences of being set ablaze by sun energy.

Part 5: Kingdom of the Sun

Although the curse had been removed and the tranquility of the kingdom had returned to how it was before, the Maya queen hadn't awakened. Only the mighty Sun Goddess was capable of reawakening the queen. Vincent agreed to the request of the entire Maya Kingdom and set out to find that powerful goddess. Despite having traveled a long and arduous path to see this god, Vincent still needed to pass the ultimate test—the Sun Goddess Puzzle—to obtain her approval to bestow on her power. Thanks to his brilliance and quick thinking, Vincent cracked the complex conundrum and wholly rescued the queen and the Maya empire. To show her deep gratitude, Queen Maya gave Vincent a Maya mask and a magic piece and instructed him to the next destination: the Chaco Ravine.


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