After the Viking fight, Vincent began his trip on the plundered ship. The missing island Atlantis, which contained the seventh, also the most difficult-to-find magic piece, had been located by Vincent thanks to the map. Vincent stumbled onto a doorway connecting to a different dimension, seeing countless legions of vicious robots. These cyborgs were destroying the city, subjugating the populace, demanding tribute for resources, and erecting enormous robot monuments. From some residents fortunate to escape, Vincent discovered that Atlantis was the most prosperous and inhabitable city not so long ago, with plenty of resources and kind-hearted people. King Poseidon, the God of the Sea, had once used his trident to send this city to the bottom of the ocean to save Atlantis from land invasions. However, Atlantis city was in danger after the king and his army of mermaids were vanquished by the ruthless robot Rental, who had enormous power and possessed numerous robot legions. He took the mighty trident from Poseidon and raised Atlantis to the surface. It was only a matter of time before the city collapsed. Rental had developed more cyborg armies, declared himself the ruler of the East Sea, and enforced new regulations to take over the entire planet.

Part 1: Underground Law

Finding that Rental's imprisonment and torture of Poseidon, along with his two princesses, Mermaid Pearl & Mermaid Platinum, in the castle's darkest dungeons. To save Poisedon and the two princesses, Vincent devised a plan. Luckily, he managed to rescue the two princesses thanks to the possessed strength, weaponry, and the collected army. Vincent discovered that both mermaid princesses had warrior blood and supernatural weapons - the Pearl and Platinum bows. The princesses agreed to join Vincent's army with a strong desire to save their father and Atlantis city.

Part 2: Poseidon’s Despair

Even though the guards found and tried to arrest Vincent and the army, he managed to divert the enemies' attention and escape their clutches. After that, Vincent and the mermaids found the dungeon to save the king. Despite Poseidon recognizing Vincent and his daughters' concern for Atlantis, this god's spirit gradually perished due to being bereft of his strength and trident. For the king's mental recovery, Mermaid Pearl used her magic to show her dad the harsh life that the Atlantis people had to suffer after losing their ruler.

Part 3: Return of a King

Poseidon's subconscious strength and willpower were reawakened after he witnessed the populace's suffering. The god broke all the bonds, joined Vincent's troop, engaged Rental and his allies in combat. Being reported that Poiseidon had escaped, Rental became enraged and swiftly came up with a plan to exterminate the king. Extremely violent combat happened between the robot army and the Atlantis force.

Part 4: Hiding

While Rental, Poseidon, and Vincent engaged in combat, the two princesses and other mermaid soldiers defeated the evil cyborg armies together. The justice side won and the dark empire completely collapsed. Before escaping through the time portal, Rental declared: "You will not be able to stop me. In 3013, the entire world will be in ruins." With the potent trident's help, Poisedon recovered his vigor and returned tranquility on the ocean floor to Atlantis city. After the anguish of Atlantis people ended, Poseidon gave Vincent the next magic piece and a map directing to Asgard-the Land of Gods, as a sign of his genuine gratitude. Also, the king showed Vincent the way to the World Tree.


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