Part 1: Road to Heaven

Vincent climbed the World Tree, home to enigmatic beings, by following the routes of enormous tree roots that emerge from the ocean's floor. Reaching the top of the tree, he found Asgard, the celestial kingdom, sparkling among the fanciful clouds. Vincent must overcome numerous obstacles to receive the prophecy and the answers to his queries. The challenge of a death match given by Hela and Loki (descendants of Odin, King of Asgard) is very difficult. Vincent was fortunate to meet Bunny Hunter, a god-fighter with superhuman strength. Bunny readily accepted Vincent's invitation to confront Hela and Loki because of her combative nature and love of clashes. After a protracted battle, Vincent finally prevailed with ease, thanks to his wisdom, power, and Bunny's helpful assistance.

Part 2: Challenging God

After that, Vincent came across his ultimate challenge: Thor - the God of Thunder, the most potent god of Asgard and one of the most mighty gods in the cosmos. He had the ability to employ a staggering variety of powers from various alien races. Thor told Vincent: "Make me admire you if you want to hear prophecies and your needed answers. But…Your meager strength cannot compare to mine, I'm afraid. I'll give you a day to reflect before I see you again."

Part 3: The Last Mission

Spending a whole day pondering, Vincent discovered a solution, even if it would endanger his life. He battled the god Thor with all the loot he had gathered from 7 cultures. The magic pieces together shone and surrounded Thor. The God of Thunder mockingly laughed and used his hammer, Mjolnir, to strike the magic pieces. They suddenly began to whirl and link together to form a five-colored circle bounding Thor. Eventually, the god had to heed his guidance and show Vincent the way to where Odin lived. Knowing how warm-hearted and brave he was, the King of Asgard, gave Vincent the task of guarding the future world. Vincent and his partners stepped through the time gate, traveled to the year 3013, and prepared to battle with Rental to defend the whole world.

To be continued…

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