Vincent traveled to the Indus Valley via the portal that the third piece unlocked. After some hours of exploring this area, he found a village far away and shrouded in thick fog. From the villagers, Vincent knew that this place was once prosperous and bustling, but a natural tragedy had left it in ruins.

Part 1: The Cursed Village

Knowing the village's plight, Vincent decided to stay and help the villagers rebuild their homes. Gradually, the place returned to its inherent peace.

Part 2: Ruins

Serenity seemed to be kept until one day, a group of strangers barged into the village, feverishly robbed and destroyed everything. These people's lack of religious belief was the root reason for the ruthless plundering. They slaughtered bulls (the animal revered by the Indus people) and even broke inside the Temple of the Bull God to steal the object of devotion there to profane the gods. This event infuriated the Bull God, who cursed the Indus with destruction. The bandit head kept the precious thing and always brought it along to show off his might and challenge the gods.

Part 3: Dissolution

Realizing what caused natural disasters, Vincent set out to find the precious object to bring peace to the village. Unfortunately, when breaking into the bandits' hideout, he was detected and was prisoned in the bandit's jail. Indra, the god of the earth and heaven, was informed of the news. He has spent a lot of time trying to defend humanity from sinister powers. The god Indra saved Vincent and teamed up with him to fight against the robbers, particularly their master, for the village's tranquility. After winning the war, they returned the precious thing to the temple. The Bull God gave Vincent a fourth magic piece and a map guiding him to the next era.


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