When visiting a small Greek village and searching for the information on the sixth magic piece, Vincent encountered Layla, a pharmacist, sitting and crying. After talking to her, Vincent knew she had fallen for Hercules for a long time and recently asked Cupid for help. Sadly, the Cupid arrow was incorrectly aimed at Zeus—the Supreme God. The god threatened that if she refused to become his wife, the Greek people would suffer from all kinds of catastrophes. To help Layla find her true love, Vincent followed her guides to find the gods and ask for their power grants.

Part 1: Athena & The Power of Wisdom

To have a chance to challenge Zeus, Vincent needed to be more brilliant than ordinary people. He went to ask for support from Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom. Being empowered by the goddess is not simple due to hundreds of tricky challenges given by Athena. Above all, Vincent overcame all obstacles and was recognized by the goddess. He was successfully granted access to the wisdom's power and lent the AEGIS shield from Athena.

Part 2: Hades - Mighty Underworld God

While on the way to find the powers, Vincent and Layla came across the God of the Underworld, Hades, lying by the side of the road. Hades was gravely hurt while fighting in the Gods' civil war, but Zeus and Hera did not tend to help him. Vincent and Layla ventured into the forest to gather herbs and tried to heal the god. Hades was deeply moved by Vincent's response, in return, he decided to grant him part of his unstoppable strength.

Part 3: Perseus - God of War

On the way to discover a method to confront Zeus, Vincent met Perseus - Hercules' right hand. Seeing Perseus was struggling to defeat ancient monsters, Vincent rushed in to support him. They finally defeated the creatures after a protracted battle. Perseus persuaded Vincent to accompany him to take Medusa's head down.

Part 4: Confronting Medusa

Vincent and Perseus reached the place of Medusa, the evil monster able to petrify anything. Vincent assisted Perseus in getting Medusa's head by using his physical prowess, intelligence, and AEGIS shield. With Medusa's ability to petrify, the AEGIS shield has been upgraded, making it more resistant to Zeus' devastating lightning.

Part 5: Achilles' heel

After saying farewell to Perseus and moving forward with his journey, Vincent came across Achilles and Apollo engaged in a furious battle. Unfortunately, Achilles showed his frailty during the fight. Taking advantage of the chance, Apollo swung his bow and targeted Achilles' heel, his only weakness. Nevertheless, Vincent used the field and deflected the arrow in time. Achilles gave Vincent her spear to show his thankfulness for helping him out.

Part 6: Zeus - The Supreme God

The time to encounter Zeus had come. The combat between Vincent and the mighty god occurred in an incredibly fierce way. Finally, Vincent drew the Cupid arrow out of Zeus's chest, making him lose interest in Layla. Layla touched Hercules as he saw this young woman putting herself through hardships for his love. When Layla and Hercules decided to start their love, their genuine affection crystallized into the sixth magic piece and a map pointing to the next destination.


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