From the bank of the Nile, Vincent boarded a boat and continued his journey. Unexpectedly, the boat became entangled in a vortex and took him to the Atlantic Ocean. Here, a group of Vikings arrested Vincent, forced him on their ship, and robbed him of everything. The Vikings' ship took Vincent to Scotland, where they conquered.

Part 1: An Enslaved Life

Throughout this time, Vincent was forced to be an enslaved person and even caught for entertainment by the Vikings. He had to join many battles in the arena, where he came across Volibear, the arena’s supermonster. Thanks to the necklace given by Moaeh, Vincent managed to defeat the beast, which became shocking news that swiftly spread all over Scotland.

Part 2: Warrior's Strength

The news of Vincent defeating Volibear inspired the resistance and aspiration for freedom among the Scottish enslaved people. Since then, Vincent had gathered a sizable army to together fight against the Vikings' tyranny. After a few coup attempts, the authorities were overthrown, Vincent and his supporters gradually reclaimed their independence.

Part 3: The Final Battle

Vincent and his crew had attained the upper hand in the war, but they still had to prostrate Warim, the head of the Vikings, who was rumored to have inherited strength from Thor, the God of Thunder worshiped in Northern Europe. His devotees held him in high esteem as a god of boldness and discernment. Thanks to the gifted strength and the traditional Viking martial arts of Glima, Warim became an unbeatable combat machine owning an axe that was strong enough to split space meteorites. Due to their solidarity and a great yearning for independence, Vincent and his troop fought till their last breath and overcame Warim. Vincent and his fellows returned their belongings and collected war booty from the Vikings' base. While gathering, Vincent unexpectedly came across the third magic piece and an old map relating to Atlantis—the lost city buried deep beneath the Atlantic Ocean. That made Vincent even more eager to go and search for this mysterious place immediately.


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